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  • Julie Barbaras

    Julie Barbaras



Founded in 2004, Amalthea is a press relations and strategic influence consultancy specializing in communications for BtoB, innovation, and technology activities. This includes today’s most dynamic fields, from hi-tech to energy, industry, services, education, and much more.

With 2 locations (Lyon / Paris) and a team of 10 people, Amalthea has assisted more than 100 organizations over the past 10 years: start-ups, SMBs, large companies, public-sector establishments, local governments, associations, professional organizations, conferences, and more.

References: Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse, le groupe Armor, Cereza Conseil, Engie Axima, Esker, le Groupe T2i, la Métropole de Lyon, Lyon Confluence, MINES ParisTech, Robopolis, RYB, Santos, Sensus, SMART Technologies, Seanergy, l’USF, Valgo…