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  • Jonathan BROS

    Jonathan BROS

  • Johanna PONS

    Johanna PONS

    Managing Director


Proches agency supports its clients on issues of influence communication, public affairs, corporate and digital communication.

Created in 2014 and directed by Jonathan Bros, the agency has an approach based on the cultural battle and provide missions of advice in influence strategies, reputation and communication for businesses, associative and institutional actors and counts about thirty collaborators specialized in corporate communications, media relations or public affairs experts.

At Proche, we believe that the community, businesses and institutions should have their say in public debates. The culture of suspicion in society has reached its peak. Institutions, businesses and brands are met with fierce suspicion, fueled by the fact that there are so many ways now for people to forge their own opinion. The authoritative advice of the elite is countered by the opinion of the general public. The community is better informed, more vigilant, more involved in public life. A lack of trust makes governance harder, since people believe they are justified in thinking for themselves and contributing to the public debate.