Specialist committees

Companies increasingly organise to defend their interests with government bodies and political decision-makers both regionally and nationally.

Public Affairs

Companies increasingly organise to defend their interests with government bodies and political decision-makers, on both a national (governement, central administrations) and regional level (local authorities, decentralised government services). Some firms have specialist knowledge in this area and their staff includes PR consultants with expertise in government and political relations.

These agencies provide a regulatory intelligence service for clients to help anticipate changes in the law, identify the key decision-makers in their clients’ areas of interest and schedule programmes of meetings with elected representatives and government bodies to make sure that the voice and insights of the private sector are heard and taken into account.

The objective of this specialist committee’s work is to highlight this variously termed specific expertise, which is frequently misunderstood, and shed light on the practices involved.

Crisis communication

New exposure, new responsibilities?
Crises have proliferated in frequency and nature. Experts in crisis communication have come into their own and are increasingly valued by business leaders. The interest in this area of public relations has come under the spotlight in the media – not always in a positive light – as the share of agency revenue accounted for by crisis communication has risen.

This exposure puts us at the center of responsibility and respectability issues and calls for us to develop the conditions for lasting best practices in this activity.

This specialist committee aims to discuss the ways forward to raise the profile of crisis communication, protect and develop this area of expertise in the long term.

Contact the committee coordinator:
Claire-Valérie Guillen
Partner à Havas Worldwide Paris


Digital is a culture and not simply a technology; reputation is a public relations matter, online and offline.

The goal of this committee is to raise awareness in companies and organisations about the impact of digital on their operations as a whole.

There are many ways to instill some digital DNA in companies and to raise the profile of PR consulting: promoting and updating the public relations impact measurement framework (référentiel de la mesure des relations publics), revising agencies’ social media charters, developing tools to measure the impact of digital campaigns, video conferences and workshops, etc.

Don’t have the time? Think that the Cloud is in the sky? Stay put!! OTHERS CAN JOIN US!

Contact the committee coordinator :
Pascale Azria
Associate manager at Kingcom


It’s not a bed of roses

The specialist Entrepreneurs committee organises thematic workshops based on members’ suggestions on issues related to PR consultancy management and company management in general.
These practical workshops cover a range of topics, including internships and work-study contracts, tax reform, sale and purchase of agencies, employee share ownership plans and new forms of organisation.

Contact the committee coordinator with your workshop suggestions:
Florence Gillier
CEO and founder of Florence Gillier Communication

Education and training

This committee focuses on all aspects of education and training. Initial training is important, since students are a talent pool for both the industry and our clients, and continuing professional development to keep high professional standards throughout professional careers in public relations.

  1. Develop the reputation and appeal of PR for students.
  2. Help to improve initial and contuing professional development, in partnership with academic programs.
  3. Promote the continuing professional development of our member agencies’ personnel by offering a catalogue of training programs for public relations professionals.
Contact the committee coordinator:
Sandrine Auvray
CEO and founder of Auvray&Associés


Media committee: vision and objectives

  1. Inform the media of the positive role PR agencies play in building information.
  2. Defend the reputation of our profession when it comes under attack by the media or by third parties on ethical issues.
  3. Be positioned as the vital component in the relation between journalists and companies/organisations, including new media.

To achieve these goals, the Media committee is focusing on five areas projects in the period 2013-2016:

  • Evaluate journalists’ perception of our industry;
  • Strengthen the links between Syntec RP and the main professional organisations that represent the press and journalists (in France, these are the Syndicat Nationale des Journalistes, SNJ, Assocation des journalistes économiques et financiers, Association des journalistes scientifiques de la presse d’information, etc.), as well as with some of the major media and press groups;
  • Foster debate about the media and our role in providing information;
  • Define an industry position in relations with the press and relative to other stakeholders, whose unethical practices can undermine the entire industry;
  • Finally, communicate with business about our key role in building a sustainable relationship with the media.
Contact the committee coordinator :
Arnaud Pochebonne
Executive Vice-President, Weber Shandwick

Human ressources

Review agencies’ legal framework and draw up new standard contracts.
Vision and objectives:

  1. Identify the most common “contract” problems encountered by member agencies;
  2. Identify best practices in agencies to resolve these issues;
  3. Identify and compare the different types of contracts currently in use to form the basis of a standard Client contract to better protect agencies’ interests;
  4. Identify and compare the different types of contracts currently in use in agencies to work together to draw up a standard employee contract.
Contact the committee coordinator:
Jean-Philippe Lecocq
Associate Director of Profile PR


Ethical framework for collaboration between agencies and advertisers in health

The Health committee sets out to devise an ethical frame of reference to guide their practice in relations with the healthcare industry, such as public institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health federations and associations.
For further information: anne-mareille.dubois@groupement-syntec.org