Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics is governed by a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee and the General Assemblies.

The 15-member Board of Directors is elected during the elective General Assembly for a period of three years. The Executive Committee is composed of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer. It is elected by the Board of Directors for a three-year term.

The current Board of Directors was elected during the elective General Assembly held on 13 June 2013, and the current Executive Committee was elected during the Board of Directors’ meeting on the same date.

Executive Committee 2013-2016

Board of Directors 2013-2016

General Assembly

The 2015 General Assembly was held on 8 June at Syntec.

Resolutions and voting results

 30 companies representing a total of 78 votes submitted their vote.

Resolution 1: 2014-2015 Policy Report

Having considered the policy report by the Chairman for the year 2014-2015, the General Assembly approves the terms of this report and grants discharge to the Chairman for the performance of his duties.

The resolution was adopted unanimously


Having considered the the financial report presented by the Treasurer for the Board of Directors, the General Assembly approves the financial statements and income for 2014.

Resolution adopted unanimously

Resolution 3: 2015 Budget
The General Assembly approves the main budget items for 2015, prepared by the Treasurer for the Board of Directors.

 Resolution adopted
  (74 votes/29 companies in favour and 4 votes/ 1 company against)

Resolution 4: Appointment of the firm EMARGENCE Audit as substitute statutory auditor for Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics.

Resolution adopted unanimously