#PRMakeSense: Public Relations in the field

Syntec Public Relations Consulting launches, for the first time since its creation, a communication campaign on its activities, which will develop throughout the year.

The will of public relations professionals is to assert the value of communication that has become inescapable and yet too often misunderstood. The 1,500 employees representing over 65% of the French market take the floor and highlight the usefulness of their contribution to various communication devices and the creation of value for companies and institutions. 

Underlying fundamentals

The quest for the quarter of an hour of attention has become a central issue for organisations, confronted with a digital world marked by the volatility of conversations, beyond a few ubiquitous subjects.

In this context, it appeared urgent to Syntec Public Relations Consulting to recall the central missions of Public Relations:

–       Create trust and preference

–       Protect and develop the reputation of companies, institutions and brands in complementarity with other marketing disciplines

–       Play a full role by creating value in a logic of measurable performance and effectiveness

 “Without PR, you half-communicate”

 To mark the spirits, the Syntec Public Relations Consulting campaign focuses on showing the major role of Public Relations, demonstrating their undeniable added value in complementarity with the other communication disciplines, in a multi-channel logic.

A first creation illustrates the contribution of PR to amplify an advertising campaign. Others will follow to illustrate many other examples in the coming weeks: events, packaging, products… all this in multiple sectors.

Although deploying a PR device has become natural, obviously, the true value lies in the ability to generate meaning. Thus, the signature of the campaign aims to install a motto through a hashtag: #PRMakeSense. To impact an international environment, the gimmick plays on the double meaning of the expression, widely used in marketing.

Meaning and value for PRs

A short text summarises the key messages of the campaign in body copy:

By focusing on giving meaning and value to your messages, PRs contribute directly to your business and corporate issues. In a world that has become digital, and companies and institutions faced with an increasingly demanding audience, PRs are the best way to drive your reputation and performance.

“Erasure of the international campaign borders, linked in particular to digital amplification, shows us at every moment how far we have to go in France: assuming the power of PR, the ability to measure it, particularly with data, and the budgetary strike force that must be devoted to it in order to serve a recognised, efficient ROI, can no longer be the exclusivity of the Anglo-Saxon countries”, said Eric Maillard, Managing Partner of Ogilvy Paris and Vice-President of Syntec Public Relations Consulting. “By this awareness of the market, the campaign intends to contribute by accelerating it up to the limit of progress of the most dynamic countries”.

“The quest for meaning is a new fundamental paradigm for businesses and institutions. PRs are an essential vector that must be considered”, adds Pascale Azria, President of Syntec Public Relations Consulting. “It is also an attraction to the PR profession for younger generations who aspire to work in PR to create meaning and value that contribute to their commitment”.

Artistic Director: Grégoire Lesourd & Copywriter: Alexandre Bertrand