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  • Pascale SAUMON

    Pascale SAUMON

    Directrice Conseil


Created by Jacques Marceau in 1987, Aromates has gradually established itself, not only as a leading public relations agency, but also as a key player in the markets in which it operates: energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and the postal sector.
Entering Aromates means entering an idea laboratory to be guided by experts in the economic, social, technological, and political changes that our companies and institutions are currently experiencing.

Our vision:
Economic actors, regardless of the nature of their activities, have never been as sensitive to the opinions that their stakeholders may have of them, their products, or their services. This extreme sensitivity now places opinion at the heart of the economy and relationships at the core of companies’ strategies. This is why Aromates has developed a particular expertise in relational management, with the main goal of making relationships a truly structuring activity of the company and an essential element of its intangible assets.

Our strengths:
Aromates embodies all the characteristics of an innovative agency that can combine professionalism, creativity, and performance. One of our secrets lies in the family structure and human scale that we have sought to preserve since its inception.

More than an agency, Aromates has become a key player in the regulated markets in which it operates, offering its networks, platforms, and meeting places to companies, institutions, and the media.